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Mean girls by Amber and Chloe


Dear diary

Today was horrible because it was my fist day at  Oak Wood hill Academy.  Everyone was making fun of me, like Katie, cloe and emma. They called me long nose and flat face, but I don’t have a flat face and I don’t have a long nose. Well time for some good news –  I am getting into gym. I am so happy about that yeah! I hope the mean girls are not there. If they are, I will not do it again. Luckily, they were not and I had a good time. The next day at school there was a pic of me doing my gym stuff and the mean girls were saying “ OMG you do gym LoL” It was not nice. Well I hope next week will be good. See you then diary

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the hauted house by james w and shauna


One day Danny and Lisa walked passed the old creaky house when suddenly, the doors swung open.

“WHOA!-“shouted Danny in surprise . He saw a bright flash coming from inside . Scrambling over the fence,they sprinted inside. It was dark and gloomy and the floor board was creaking after every footstep they made. They heard a loud scream coming from upstairs . Their hearts were beating like bass drums .as they went to run towards the creaking doors, they slammed shut just like they knew somebody was there . they walked upstairs some body was chasing them .  Lisa felt a cold hand grip her neck …

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The Wrong Turn By Lily Davies


As I moved swiftly tgrough the grey sky, I realised that I had took the wrong turn. Turning of the rusty, old engine I looked down to see that I had fallen into the land of hell . Once your in the land (HELL) theres no turning back . Suddenly , I felt my space shuttle being pulled downwards I blacked out  . After a few hours, I f elt my hands not being able to move ; my feet well ….. I couldn’t feel them. The lights turnt on, the Grim Reaper walked in and lifted his axe above my head and…. I was DEAD. That was the end of me !

This is the Grim Reaper himself.



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The Haunted School By Willti and Charmaine


There I stood on there creaky floorboard.My eyes were eyeing the foul place.A face flashed before my eyes in the bedroom window.A shiver crawled down the back of my spine,making me tremble.I hated it,I didnt know what to do!There was no-one to speak or help me through this terrible situation.I shut my eyes and hoped that nothing will happen to me,whilst knowing deep in side that I was terribly wrong.Taking a step towards the squeaky staircase,I inhaled my breath,longing to see my family again.I knew I couldnt!I was trapped!Then I was standing on the sqared part of the staircase.Opening the classroom door,the books flickered through the pages,making the children lose there place.So,I wasn’t alone.There must be a duzzen of ghosts around this enormous school.In the corner of my eye,I saw blood dripping bits at a time onto the ripped carpet floor.A blob fell onto my left shoulder,making me scream.


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Friday 13th by Eryk




Conor liked going into new places. He was in the mountains because he was going for a walk. It was cold as the snow was falling all around him. Looking up he saw a doorway on the top of the mountain. Feeling excited, he climbed towards it and opened it. As he opened it , he noticed a skull. It was engraved. A foul smell, like something had died, came out of the door.


It was dark and Conor found himself in a graveyard. He could see crumbling gravestones, dead leaves dancing on the floor and above the moon shone. In the distance he could hear wolves howling. The smell of rotting meat tickled his nose. Coming towards him he could see bloody footsteps. At that moment, a figure appeared, behind him a shadowy figure appeared. Behind him the wolf circled. The wolf drooled.


“Never knock on a grave stone,” whispered Death, as he slid back into the darkness.

His heart was thumping like a hammer beating. He peered through the grey mist looking for the door. He began to move slowly. He didn’t see the tree root until it was too late. He fell backwards with his arms up, as he fell his hand knocked on a grave stone. Silence surrounded him. The ground began to shake. A bony, green arm came out of the earth and pulled him down…



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Lost Forever! By Sathmi


Lost forever!

Ellie had always been curious. One moonless night, Ellie was walking through the woods on her way to her Grandma’s house when she an abandoned house. She went in. First she walked through the dusty hallway stepping over the glass of broken jars. Then she went into the bathroom but left quickly because she was frightened of the smelly darkness. She didn’t see the secret door until she bumped into it. Slowly, she opened the door. It creaked like a withes voice as she stepped through. There was a passageway, she walked into it, it got tighter and tighter as she walked through it. It got darker and darker. Something howled. The ground beneath her was covered in old dusty newspapers. The walls were covered in old grey cobwebs. She looked around, everything looked different.


Suddenly, she found herself in a huge empty room. In the distance she saw something white moving. She felt anxious, it got closer and closer. At that moment she realised it was a ghost. Its face was hidden by a blanket of cobwebs. It floated towards her. Suddenly it pounced on her, wrapped its arms around her and pushed her into the sack. The ghost whispered,” Stop screaming.” Slowly Ellie realised her mouth had been locked.


Ellie was terrified. Where was she going? The ghost glided across the room, it went through the wall carrying Ellie and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs was a small, dark room, the ghost threw Ellie in and locked the door. Forever!

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Trapped! By Sathmi Rathuvithana.


” Don’t go near the railway track!” Ellie’s dad had warned them. She didn’t listen so therefore she walked away. As she was walking away dad said ” Did you hear me?” yes said Ellie and walked away with a cheeky grin on her face.

So she had a plan she told her little sister ” Lets go to the railway track and play.” she said. “Yes please the little sister said.” However, it wasn’t a good idea. Race you to the railway track.

So Ellie won, but unfortunately she felt to the ground, because she was running so fast. Her little sister got worried she said ” Oh No what am I going to do!” she questioned herself. Then all of a sudden she had a brilliant idea. She said “I will get help.” But there were no one to bee seen anywhere.

Suddenly, dad got worried because he couldn’t her the children were playing in their room. So he thought to go upstairs and have a good look. But they were not there, now he was panicking. Next, he thought they must have gone to play in the railway track. Running worryingly, he went to his car and drove as quickly as  as he could. Sadly, he saw Ellie was lying on the floor. What happened he asked from little sister? She said ” we ran to the railway track faster and when we got here she felt to the ground.” Dad was so sad. So he picked Ellie up and put her into the car and went home.

That day they learnt a VALUABLE LESSON!!!!!!


















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Knowle Park Times ( By Willti ) :D


Yr 4 ( First Day) Everyone around me seemed so…different from the faces I knew back in Italy. They stared for sooooooo long I knew something was going wrong…BUT WHAT?  Yr4(Roman Trip) We got to experience life in the Roman times, such as wearing helmets, watching a short clip explaining life back there and stuff like that. Yr 5 (  Sugar Loaf Mountain) GOING UP A MOUNTAIN IS NOT MY EVERYDAY LIFE!!!  I was terryfied once we were nearly there, and even more when we actually got there. Just think of the relief I was going through when  we got to the bottom!!! Yr 6. (SATs) They were fine…sort of. Everyone was running around waiving they’re arms in there, only they did that only in their heads. Really, that’s exactly how we were feeling all week! That is all for today. CHEERIOS!!!!:

World Cup Team Pick Game!


Please, please, please don’t forget to bring in some money and play my sisters World Cup Team Pick game she has made to raise hopefully lots of money for the Cots for Tots Appeal.

It is a really fun game, wondering what team you have picked in your envelope!

What team are you hoping to pick?  I am hoping for England or Spain!

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Amazing them Park by Chloe, Amber and Sathmi.


Are you really for the best time of your life ? Do you want to go to the worlds best them park?well Happy land is for you it the perfect please for your family (who enjoy them parks).  Fristly,and most importantly,it the summer so the  weather will always be sunny. Secondly ,the staff are really nice  and will help you with enemy thing you need. Finally, the ride are as secure as we need and  the ride are very safe so  you won’t fall out. In addition ,if you ask to great your own ride we will try are hard to make it not a journey. And  the luxury seat on the ride will carm you down. Furthermore, happy land. Has a offer if you came more then ten times you can come for free. If you are Hungary , they’re unmissable! Surely you can’t resist the temptation to cume to amazing them park . Go wild and don’t lisien to your mum do what you want

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